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Rig Division

Rig | Snapper
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Place Team Weight
1st * predator 28.30lbs.
2nd * Salty Nutz 27.55lbs.
3rd Double J 24.75lbs.
4th Double J 23.20lbs.
5th Team Richie 22.76lbs.
6th Double J 22.25lbs.
7th Double J 22.15lbs.
8th Double J 21.95lbs.
9th Double J 21.70lbs.
10th Double J 21.45lbs.
11th Double J 21.25lbs.
12th Sea Chickens 21.00lbs.
13th Jack knife 20.95lbs.
14th * Sea Cat 20.60lbs.
15th * predator 20.55lbs.
16th * predator 20.40lbs.
17th * Bushwacker 20.00lbs.
18th Double J 19.85lbs.
19th * Bushwacker 19.75lbs.
20th Double J 19.70lbs.
21st Sea Chickens 19.65lbs.
22nd * Sea Cat 19.60lbs.
23rd * Sea Cat 19.55lbs.
24th * predator 19.45lbs.
25th * Unique Fishing Team 19.35lbs.
26th Sea Chickens 19.35lbs.
27th * Bushwacker 19.25lbs.
28th Sea Chickens 19.20lbs.
29th Team Richie 19.10lbs.
30th * predator 18.90lbs.
31st Sea Chickens 18.90lbs.
32nd Team Supreme 18.85lbs.
33rd Sea Chickens 18.80lbs.
34th * Unique Fishing Team 18.80lbs.
35th Chum Stain 18.75lbs.
36th * Unique Fishing Team 18.75lbs.
37th Sea Chickens 18.60lbs.
38th * Bushwacker 18.45lbs.
39th Sea Chickens 18.40lbs.
40th * predator 18.25lbs.
41st * predator 18.15lbs.
42nd Team Tideline 18.00lbs.
43rd Sea Chickens 18.00lbs.
44th * predator 18.00lbs.
45th * Unique Fishing Team 17.90lbs.
46th Sea Chickens 17.85lbs.
47th * predator 17.80lbs.
48th * Team Hurl 17.80lbs.
49th Sea Chickens 17.80lbs.
50th Sea Chickens 17.55lbs.
51st Sea Chickens 17.50lbs.
52nd * Unique Fishing Team 17.35lbs.
53rd * predator 17.30lbs.
54th Sea Chickens 17.30lbs.
55th * Sea Cat 17.25lbs.
56th * Bushwacker 17.25lbs.
57th * Team Hurl 17.15lbs.
58th * Bushwacker 17.05lbs.
59th Team Tideline 17.00lbs.
60th * predator 16.85lbs.
61st * predator 16.80lbs.
62nd * predator 16.75lbs.
63rd Team Tideline 16.70lbs.
64th Chum Stain 16.65lbs.
65th Sea Chickens 16.55lbs.
66th Sea Chickens 16.50lbs.
67th * TRIM EM OUT 16.45lbs.
68th Team Tideline 16.35lbs.
69th * predator 16.15lbs.
70th * The Gulf Monkeys 16.15lbs.
71st Chum Stain 16.15lbs.
72nd Team Tideline 16.05lbs.
73rd * Bushwacker 15.90lbs.
74th * predator 15.75lbs.
75th Sea Chickens 15.75lbs.
76th * Sea Cat 15.70lbs.
77th * predator 15.55lbs.
78th * TEAM CALCUTTA 15.50lbs.
79th Chum Stain 15.50lbs.
80th Chum Stain 15.40lbs.
81st PAPA D 15.40lbs.
82nd Chum Stain 15.35lbs.
83rd Chum Stain 15.30lbs.
84th * predator 15.30lbs.
85th * predator 15.30lbs.
86th Chum Stain 15.15lbs.
87th Team Tideline 15.15lbs.
88th * Salty Nutz 15.00lbs.
89th Chum Stain 15.00lbs.
90th * The Gulf Monkeys 15.00lbs.
91st Paradise Outfitters 14.95lbs.
92nd Chum Stain 14.85lbs.
93rd Chum Stain 14.85lbs.
94th * Bushwacker 14.80lbs.
95th Paradise Outfitters 14.65lbs.
96th The Knotty Boys 14.45lbs.
97th Team Supreme 14.40lbs.
98th * The Gulf Monkeys 14.25lbs.
99th PAPA D 14.20lbs.
100th * The Gulf Monkeys 14.20lbs.
101st Chum Stain 14.15lbs.
102nd * TEAM CALCUTTA 13.95lbs.
103rd * Bushwacker 13.95lbs.
104th * The Gulf Monkeys 13.75lbs.
105th Chum Stain 13.65lbs.
106th Team Supreme 13.60lbs.
107th * Hook & Bull 13.60lbs.
108th Chum Stain 13.55lbs.
109th * Hook & Bull 13.55lbs.
110th Team Tideline 13.45lbs.
111th Chum Stain 13.40lbs.
112th Chum Stain 13.25lbs.
113th Hooked Up II 13.25lbs.
114th PAPA D 13.20lbs.
115th * Anger Management 13.10lbs.
116th * Hook & Bull 13.10lbs.
117th * The Gulf Monkeys 13.10lbs.
118th PAPA D 13.00lbs.
119th Chum Stain 13.00lbs.
120th * TRIM EM OUT 12.75lbs.
121st PAPA D 12.70lbs.
122nd * The Gulf Monkeys 12.65lbs.
123rd Team Tideline 12.55lbs.
124th Chum Stain 12.55lbs.
125th PAPA D 12.50lbs.
126th Chum Stain 12.20lbs.
127th Team Tideline 12.05lbs.
128th * TRIM EM OUT 12.05lbs.
129th * The Gulf Monkeys 12.00lbs.
130th Team Tideline 12.00lbs.
131st PAPA D 12.00lbs.
132nd * Goin Jesse 11.95lbs.
133rd Chum Stain 11.90lbs.
134th PAPA D 11.80lbs.
135th * TRIM EM OUT 11.75lbs.
136th PAPA D 11.75lbs.
137th * The Gulf Monkeys 11.50lbs.
138th * Salty Nutz 11.50lbs.
139th * TRIM EM OUT 11.45lbs.
140th * TRIM EM OUT 11.35lbs.
141st PAPA D 11.10lbs.
142nd * TRIM EM OUT 11.00lbs.
143rd PAPA D 11.00lbs.
144th Lagniappe Outdoors 10.95lbs.
145th PAPA D 10.90lbs.
146th Team Tideline 10.85lbs.
147th * Hook & Bull 10.85lbs.
148th Team Tideline 10.60lbs.
149th Team Tideline 10.45lbs.
150th * Salty Nutz 10.05lbs.
151st * Hook & Bull 10.00lbs.
152nd Team Tideline 9.95lbs.
153rd Team Tideline 9.85lbs.
154th Team Tideline 9.60lbs.
155th * Salty Nutz 9.25lbs.
156th Lagniappe Outdoors 8.90lbs.
157th Team Tideline 8.35lbs.
158th Team Tideline 8.00lbs.
159th Lagniappe Outdoors 7.80lbs.
160th Lagniappe Outdoors 5.30lbs.
161st Lagniappe Outdoors 5.10lbs.
162nd Lagniappe Outdoors 4.80lbs.
163rd Lagniappe Outdoors 4.55lbs.
164th The Arena 4.45lbs.
165th Lagniappe Outdoors 4.20lbs.
166th Lagniappe Outdoors 4.10lbs.
167th Lagniappe Outdoors 3.65lbs.
168th Lagniappe Outdoors 3.30lbs.
169th Lagniappe Outdoors 2.90lbs.