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Inshore Division

Inshore | Redfish
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Place Team Weight
1st PawPaw's Boat 8.46lbs.
2nd MMA 8.35lbs.
3rd * New Orleans Fishing Charters 8.23lbs.
4th Back Of The Boat Boys 7.94lbs.
5th Back Of The Boat Boys 7.79lbs.
6th MMA 7.68lbs.
7th * Shallow Water Assassin / Stokes Marine 7.55lbs.
8th * Shallow Water Assassin / Stokes Marine 7.51lbs.
9th MMA 7.50lbs.
10th * Shallow Water Assassin / Stokes Marine 7.33lbs.
11th Captain Stump 6.97lbs.
12th Fin Twisters FGS 6.91lbs.
13th * Shallow Water Assassin / Stokes Marine 6.86lbs.
14th MMA 6.79lbs.
15th Captain Stump 6.74lbs.
16th Captain Stump 6.73lbs.
17th Captain Stump 6.72lbs.
18th Captain Stump 6.68lbs.
19th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 6.64lbs.
20th Reel CAT 6.61lbs.
21st * Team Sasquatch 6.42lbs.
22nd * Hog Hunters 6.36lbs.
23rd Captain Stump 6.33lbs.
24th * Hog Hunters 6.24lbs.
25th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 5.82lbs.
26th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 5.57lbs.
27th Dockside Marine 5.46lbs.
28th Fin Twisters FGS 5.42lbs.
29th Fin Twisters FGS 5.37lbs.
30th Fin Twisters FGS 5.37lbs.
31st * Keep It Reel 5.33lbs.
32nd MMA 5.31lbs.
33rd Reel CAT 5.18lbs.
34th Fin Twisters FGS 5.13lbs.
35th Dockside Marine 5.09lbs.
36th Back Of The Boat Boys 5.06lbs.
37th * New Orleans Fishing Charters 5.03lbs.
38th Fin Twisters FGS 4.96lbs.
39th MMA 4.95lbs.
40th Dockside Marine 4.94lbs.
41st MMA 4.94lbs.
42nd Fin Twisters FGS 4.85lbs.
43rd Fin Twisters FGS 4.82lbs.
44th MMA 4.79lbs.
45th PawPaw's Boat 4.68lbs.
46th The Big Clowns 4.58lbs.
47th Fin Twisters FGS 4.48lbs.
48th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 4.17lbs.
49th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 4.08lbs.
50th Salty Tigers 4.00lbs.
51st * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.90lbs.
52nd * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.85lbs.
53rd Phinns and Pheathers Black cloud 3.78lbs.
54th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.64lbs.
55th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.63lbs.
56th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.47lbs.
57th Phinns and Pheathers Black cloud 3.43lbs.
58th Phinns and Pheathers Black cloud 3.29lbs.
59th * RJ Hunting & Fishing Services 3.23lbs.
60th MMA 0.00lbs.