All displayed results are tentative until finalized by event staff.

Rig Division

Place Team Weight
1st * predator 24.10lbs.
2nd Double J 22.25lbs.
3rd * predator 21.75lbs.
4th Double J 21.40lbs.
5th Double J 21.25lbs.
6th Double J 21.20lbs.
7th Double J 21.05lbs.
8th * predator 21.00lbs.
9th * Team Blue Tortuga 20.10lbs.
10th * Team Blue Tortuga 19.55lbs.
11th Double J 19.45lbs.
12th * predator 19.25lbs.
13th * Team Blue Tortuga 18.90lbs.
14th Team Higdon 18.80lbs.
15th Salescall 18.60lbs.
16th Team Battattack 18.35lbs.
17th Salescall 18.25lbs.
18th Team Higdon 17.90lbs.
19th * Team Blue Tortuga 17.80lbs.
20th Nav-Tech 17.70lbs.
21st * Sea Cat 17.50lbs.
22nd * predator 17.45lbs.
23rd * predator 17.40lbs.
24th Camel Toe 17.25lbs.
25th Mullet Madness 16.55lbs.
26th Team Higdon 16.50lbs.
27th The Arena 16.20lbs.
28th Team Richie 16.15lbs.
29th * Team Blue Tortuga 16.15lbs.
30th * predator 16.05lbs.
31st Iron horse outfitters 16.00lbs.
32nd Team Higdon 16.00lbs.
33rd Gulf Tango 15.95lbs.
34th Team Higdon 15.95lbs.
35th * Sea Cat 15.90lbs.
36th Team Higdon 15.75lbs.
37th * Team Blue Tortuga 15.65lbs.
38th Mullet Madness 15.65lbs.
39th * Goin Jessie 15.55lbs.
40th * Team Blue Tortuga 15.50lbs.
41st Team Battattack 15.50lbs.
42nd The Arena 15.50lbs.
43rd The Arena 15.40lbs.
44th Jus Hookin 15.25lbs.
45th Sea Chickens 15.20lbs.
46th * Team Blue Tortuga 15.15lbs.
47th Jus Hookin 15.05lbs.
48th Team Battattack 15.05lbs.
49th Team Richie 15.05lbs.
50th Salescall 14.75lbs.
51st Sea Chickens 14.65lbs.
52nd Nav-Tech 14.30lbs.
53rd Nav-Tech 14.25lbs.
54th * Goin Jessie 14.15lbs.
55th Sea Chickens 14.15lbs.
56th Salescall 13.85lbs.
57th Jus Hookin 13.85lbs.
58th Bad Habit 13.75lbs.
59th * Saltwater Revival 13.70lbs.
60th SNAFU 13.70lbs.
61st Nav-Tech 13.55lbs.
62nd Team Battattack 13.50lbs.
63rd Jus Hookin 13.45lbs.
64th Salescall 13.40lbs.
65th Team Battattack 13.35lbs.
66th Salescall 13.30lbs.
67th SNAFU 13.30lbs.
68th Bad Habit 13.25lbs.
69th * Saltwater Revival 13.25lbs.
70th Gulf Tango 13.20lbs.
71st * Saltwater Revival 13.20lbs.
72nd * Saltwater Revival 13.20lbs.
73rd * Saltwater Revival 13.10lbs.
74th Open Wider 13.00lbs.
75th Faux Pas Pirates 13.00lbs.
76th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 12.95lbs.
77th The Arena 12.95lbs.
78th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 12.75lbs.
79th Sea Chickens 12.45lbs.
80th Gulf Tango 12.40lbs.
81st Gulf Tango 12.30lbs.
82nd * Saltwater Revival 12.30lbs.
83rd Team Richie 12.30lbs.
84th * Sea Cat 12.30lbs.
85th Mullet Madness 12.10lbs.
86th * Saltwater Revival 12.05lbs.
87th Gulf Tango 12.05lbs.
88th Mullet Madness 12.00lbs.
89th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 11.95lbs.
90th Sea Chickens 11.90lbs.
91st Jus Hookin 11.45lbs.
92nd * Saltwater Revival 11.35lbs.
93rd Mullet Madness 11.15lbs.
94th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 11.15lbs.
95th * Saltwater Revival 11.00lbs.
96th Gulf Tango 10.90lbs.
97th * Saltwater Revival 10.85lbs.
98th * Sea Cat 10.85lbs.
99th Salescall 10.80lbs.
100th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 10.75lbs.
101st Open Wider 10.60lbs.
102nd Open Wider 10.55lbs.
103rd Gulf Tango 10.55lbs.
104th * Saltwater Revival 10.55lbs.
105th Nav-Tech 10.50lbs.
106th Open Wider 10.25lbs.
107th Bad Habit 10.20lbs.
108th The Arena 10.15lbs.
109th Gulf Tango 10.10lbs.
110th Bad Habit 10.05lbs.
111th PAPA D 9.60lbs.
112th Bad Habit 9.40lbs.
113th Open Wider 9.25lbs.
114th * Sea Cat 9.25lbs.
115th Gulf Tango 9.10lbs.
116th Open Wider 8.95lbs.
117th Gulf Tango 8.80lbs.
118th Camel Toe 8.80lbs.
119th Gulf Tango 8.75lbs.
120th Gulf Tango 8.15lbs.
121st Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 8.05lbs.
122nd Salescall 7.85lbs.
123rd Salescall 7.20lbs.
124th Salescall 7.00lbs.