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Rig Division

Rig | Snapper
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Place Team Weight
1st * predator 24.10lbs.
2nd Up Dawg 22.60lbs.
3rd Double J 22.25lbs.
4th * predator 21.75lbs.
5th Double J 21.40lbs.
6th Double J 21.25lbs.
7th Double J 21.20lbs.
8th Double J 21.05lbs.
9th * predator 21.00lbs.
10th * Team Blue Tortuga 20.10lbs.
11th * Team Blue Tortuga 19.55lbs.
12th Double J 19.45lbs.
13th * predator 19.25lbs.
14th * Team Blue Tortuga 18.90lbs.
15th Team Higdon 18.80lbs.
16th Salescall 18.60lbs.
17th Team Battattack 18.35lbs.
18th Salescall 18.25lbs.
19th Team Higdon 17.90lbs.
20th * Team Blue Tortuga 17.80lbs.
21st Nav-Tech 17.70lbs.
22nd * Sea Cat 17.50lbs.
23rd Up Dawg 17.50lbs.
24th * predator 17.45lbs.
25th * predator 17.40lbs.
26th Camel Toe 17.25lbs.
27th Mullet Madness 16.55lbs.
28th Team Higdon 16.50lbs.
29th Dead Rabbits 16.25lbs.
30th The Arena 16.20lbs.
31st Team Richie 16.15lbs.
32nd * Team Blue Tortuga 16.15lbs.
33rd Dead Rabbits 16.10lbs.
34th * predator 16.05lbs.
35th Iron horse outfitters 16.00lbs.
36th Team Higdon 16.00lbs.
37th Gulf Tango 15.95lbs.
38th Team Higdon 15.95lbs.
39th * Sea Cat 15.90lbs.
40th Dead Rabbits 15.75lbs.
41st Team Higdon 15.75lbs.
42nd * Team Blue Tortuga 15.65lbs.
43rd Mullet Madness 15.65lbs.
44th * Goin Jessie 15.55lbs.
45th * Team Blue Tortuga 15.50lbs.
46th Team Battattack 15.50lbs.
47th The Arena 15.50lbs.
48th delta boys 15.40lbs.
49th The Arena 15.40lbs.
50th Jus Hookin 15.25lbs.
51st Sea Chickens 15.20lbs.
52nd * Team Blue Tortuga 15.15lbs.
53rd Jus Hookin 15.05lbs.
54th Team Battattack 15.05lbs.
55th Team Richie 15.05lbs.
56th 24 Karat 15.00lbs.
57th * Metro Boating 14.75lbs.
58th Salescall 14.75lbs.
59th Jack knife 14.75lbs.
60th Sea Chickens 14.65lbs.
61st * Metro Boating 14.55lbs.
62nd Jack knife 14.50lbs.
63rd Dead Rabbits 14.45lbs.
64th * Metro Boating 14.40lbs.
65th Dead Rabbits 14.40lbs.
66th Dead Rabbits 14.40lbs.
67th Nav-Tech 14.30lbs.
68th * Hardly Workin 14.30lbs.
69th Nav-Tech 14.25lbs.
70th * Goin Jessie 14.15lbs.
71st Sea Chickens 14.15lbs.
72nd Dead Rabbits 13.95lbs.
73rd Salescall 13.85lbs.
74th Jus Hookin 13.85lbs.
75th Dead Rabbits 13.80lbs.
76th Jack knife 13.75lbs.
77th Bad Habit 13.75lbs.
78th * Saltwater Revival 13.70lbs.
79th * Hardly Workin 13.70lbs.
80th SNAFU 13.70lbs.
81st * Metro Boating 13.55lbs.
82nd Nav-Tech 13.55lbs.
83rd Team Battattack 13.50lbs.
84th Jus Hookin 13.45lbs.
85th Salescall 13.40lbs.
86th Team Battattack 13.35lbs.
87th Jack knife 13.35lbs.
88th * Hardly Workin 13.30lbs.
89th Dead Rabbits 13.30lbs.
90th Salescall 13.30lbs.
91st SNAFU 13.30lbs.
92nd * Finz Up 13.25lbs.
93rd Bad Habit 13.25lbs.
94th * Saltwater Revival 13.25lbs.
95th Gulf Tango 13.20lbs.
96th * Saltwater Revival 13.20lbs.
97th Dead Rabbits 13.20lbs.
98th * Saltwater Revival 13.20lbs.
99th * Saltwater Revival 13.10lbs.
100th Dead Rabbits 13.05lbs.
101st Open Wider 13.00lbs.
102nd Faux Pas Pirates 13.00lbs.
103rd * Hardly Workin 13.00lbs.
104th * Hardly Workin 12.95lbs.
105th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 12.95lbs.
106th The Arena 12.95lbs.
107th * Hardly Workin 12.80lbs.
108th * Hardly Workin 12.80lbs.
109th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 12.75lbs.
110th Sea Chickens 12.45lbs.
111th Gulf Tango 12.40lbs.
112th Gulf Tango 12.30lbs.
113th * Saltwater Revival 12.30lbs.
114th Team Richie 12.30lbs.
115th * Sea Cat 12.30lbs.
116th Mullet Madness 12.10lbs.
117th Jack knife 12.05lbs.
118th * Saltwater Revival 12.05lbs.
119th Gulf Tango 12.05lbs.
120th * Hardly Workin 12.00lbs.
121st Mullet Madness 12.00lbs.
122nd Dead Rabbits 12.00lbs.
123rd Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 11.95lbs.
124th Sea Chickens 11.90lbs.
125th Googan's 11.65lbs.
126th * Hardly Workin 11.45lbs.
127th Jus Hookin 11.45lbs.
128th * Saltwater Revival 11.35lbs.
129th Mullet Madness 11.15lbs.
130th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 11.15lbs.
131st * Saltwater Revival 11.00lbs.
132nd Gulf Tango 10.90lbs.
133rd * Saltwater Revival 10.85lbs.
134th * Sea Cat 10.85lbs.
135th Salescall 10.80lbs.
136th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 10.75lbs.
137th Open Wider 10.60lbs.
138th Open Wider 10.55lbs.
139th Gulf Tango 10.55lbs.
140th * Saltwater Revival 10.55lbs.
141st Nav-Tech 10.50lbs.
142nd Open Wider 10.25lbs.
143rd Bad Habit 10.20lbs.
144th The Arena 10.15lbs.
145th Gulf Tango 10.10lbs.
146th Bad Habit 10.05lbs.
147th PAPA D 9.60lbs.
148th Bad Habit 9.40lbs.
149th Open Wider 9.25lbs.
150th * Sea Cat 9.25lbs.
151st Gulf Tango 9.10lbs.
152nd * Hardly Workin 9.05lbs.
153rd Open Wider 8.95lbs.
154th Gulf Tango 8.80lbs.
155th Camel Toe 8.80lbs.
156th Gulf Tango 8.75lbs.
157th Gulf Tango 8.15lbs.
158th Rod Bender/Paradise Outfitters 8.05lbs.
159th Salescall 7.85lbs.
160th Salescall 7.20lbs.
161st Salescall 7.00lbs.
162nd * Metro Boating 6.45lbs.