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Offshore Division

Offshore | Dolphin
Sponsored by Vista Landscaping
Place Team Weight
1st * Seacario 17.90lbs.
2nd Frozen Assets 12.85lbs.
3rd Wasted Seamen 11.50lbs.
4th Team Supreme 10.65lbs.
5th * predator 9.45lbs.
6th SNAFU 8.85lbs.
7th SNAFU 8.85lbs.
8th The Outdoor Addicts 8.55lbs.
9th SNAFU 8.50lbs.
10th Team Supreme 7.59lbs.
11th Wasted Seamen 5.95lbs.
12th The Outdoor Addicts 5.70lbs.
13th Paradise Outfitters 4.75lbs.
14th Can't Get Right 4.65lbs.
15th Sea Chickens 4.05lbs.
16th Paradise Outfitters 3.80lbs.
17th Paradise Outfitters 3.80lbs.
18th The Outdoor Addicts 3.65lbs.
19th Team Supreme 2.95lbs.