All displayed results are tentative until finalized by event staff.

Rig Division

Place Team Weight
1st Double J 49.00lbs.
2nd * Off The Grid 36.20lbs.
3rd The Arena 30.20lbs.
4th Iron horse outfitters 25.15lbs.
5th The Arena 25.10lbs.
6th Iron horse outfitters 24.80lbs.
7th * Goin Jessie 24.40lbs.
8th Iron horse outfitters 23.15lbs.
9th BigFish 22.45lbs.
10th * Saltwater Revival 21.95lbs.
11th BigFish 21.70lbs.
12th Iron horse outfitters 19.25lbs.
13th * Team Blue Tortuga 18.95lbs.
14th Open Wider 15.90lbs.