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Rig Division

Rig | Cobia
Sponsored by Southside Cafe
Place Team Weight
1st Double J 49.00lbs.
2nd * Off The Grid 36.20lbs.
3rd The Arena 30.20lbs.
4th Jack knife 28.70lbs.
5th Iron horse outfitters 25.15lbs.
6th The Arena 25.10lbs.
7th Iron horse outfitters 24.80lbs.
8th Jack knife 24.80lbs.
9th * Goin Jessie 24.40lbs.
10th Iron horse outfitters 23.15lbs.
11th BigFish 22.45lbs.
12th * Saltwater Revival 21.95lbs.
13th BigFish 21.70lbs.
14th Iron horse outfitters 19.25lbs.
15th * Team Blue Tortuga 18.95lbs.
16th Open Wider 15.90lbs.