All displayed results are tentative until finalized by event staff.

Inshore Division

Place Team Weight
1st Big Beavers 9.16lbs.
2nd Deez Nutz 8.79lbs.
3rd Big Beavers 8.23lbs.
4th Big Beavers 8.16lbs.
5th One More Cast 8.16lbs.
6th * Dockside Marine 8.11lbs.
7th One More Cast 8.09lbs.
8th Fin Twisters FGS 8.00lbs.
9th The Nautic Stars 7.97lbs.
10th * Super Strike 7.93lbs.
11th Deez Nutz 7.82lbs.
12th Trust me 7.77lbs.
13th 3M 7.68lbs.
14th * Dockside Marine 7.62lbs.
15th * Super Strike 7.62lbs.
16th * Keep It Reel 7.49lbs.
17th Deez Nutz 7.42lbs.
18th * Red River Outcasts 7.41lbs.
19th 3M 7.28lbs.
20th * Sasquatch 7.25lbs.
21st * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 7.16lbs.
22nd * Red River Outcasts 7.09lbs.
23rd Fin Twisters FGS 7.04lbs.
24th Fin Twisters FGS 7.04lbs.
25th 3M 6.95lbs.
26th Deadly Dudley 6.93lbs.
27th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #2 6.79lbs.
28th * Red River Outcasts 6.66lbs.
29th Tag It 6.59lbs.
30th Deadly Dudley 6.50lbs.
31st * Red River Outcasts 6.41lbs.
32nd 3M 6.23lbs.
33rd Deadly Dudley 6.16lbs.
34th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 6.02lbs.
35th 3M 6.02lbs.
36th Fin Twisters FGS 5.96lbs.
37th Deadly Dudley 5.72lbs.
38th Tag It 5.48lbs.
39th * Dockside Marine 5.32lbs.
40th 3M 4.60lbs.
41st 3M 4.53lbs.
42nd * Red River Outcasts 4.41lbs.
43rd * Red River Outcasts 4.41lbs.
44th The Big Clowns 4.07lbs.
45th * Red River Outcasts 4.01lbs.
46th Deez Nutz 3.98lbs.
47th The Big Clowns 3.89lbs.
48th * Keep It Reel 3.80lbs.
49th Deez Nutz 3.77lbs.
50th Deez Nutz 3.64lbs.
51st Fin Twisters FGS 3.55lbs.
52nd * RJ Hunting & Fishing #2 3.47lbs.
53rd Deez Nutz 3.47lbs.
54th Deez Nutz 3.30lbs.
55th Fin Twisters FGS 3.29lbs.
56th Deez Nutz 2.98lbs.
57th Deez Nutz 2.97lbs.
58th Fin Twisters FGS 2.79lbs.
59th * Red River Outcasts 0.00lbs.
60th * Red River Outcasts 0.00lbs.