All displayed results are tentative until finalized by event staff.

Inshore Division

Place Team Weight
1st Deadly Dudley 3.21lbs.
2nd * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 3.10lbs.
3rd The Nautic Stars 3.00lbs.
4th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 2.66lbs.
5th * Dockside Marine 2.41lbs.
6th Big Beavers 2.39lbs.
7th One More Cast 2.10lbs.
8th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 2.07lbs.
9th Big Beavers 2.06lbs.
10th The Big Clowns 1.96lbs.
11th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 1.92lbs.
12th Big Beavers 1.91lbs.
13th * Dockside Marine 1.88lbs.
14th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 1.78lbs.
15th The Big Clowns 1.78lbs.
16th * Dockside Marine 1.71lbs.
17th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #2 1.70lbs.
18th Fin Twisters FGS 1.70lbs.
19th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #2 1.67lbs.
20th * Sasquatch 1.67lbs.
21st * Dockside Marine 1.64lbs.
22nd Deadly Dudley 1.61lbs.
23rd * Sasquatch 1.61lbs.
24th One More Cast 1.55lbs.
25th * Dockside Marine 1.53lbs.
26th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 1.52lbs.
27th * RJ Hunting & Fishing #1 1.50lbs.
28th * Red River Outcasts 1.45lbs.
29th Deez Nutz 1.42lbs.
30th One More Cast 1.34lbs.
31st Deez Nutz 1.28lbs.
32nd Tag It 1.28lbs.
33rd Fin Twisters FGS 1.22lbs.
34th * Dockside Marine 1.20lbs.
35th Deez Nutz 1.16lbs.
36th * Red River Outcasts 1.12lbs.
37th * Red River Outcasts 1.10lbs.
38th The Big Clowns 1.06lbs.
39th * Red River Outcasts 1.06lbs.
40th The Big Clowns 1.02lbs.