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All displayed results are tentative until finalized by Faux Pas Rodeo event staff.

Inshore Division

Speckled Trout
Sponsored by Giorlando’s Restaurant
Place Team Weight
1st Bama Boys 7.04lbs.
2nd Bama Boys 6.35lbs.
3rd Bama Boys 6.27lbs.
4th Bama Boys 6.08lbs.
5th Bama Boys 6.01lbs.
6th Bama Boys 5.54lbs.
7th Bama Boys 5.35lbs.
8th Bama Boys 5.07lbs.
9th Bama Boys 4.92lbs.
10th Deadly Dudley 4.84lbs.
11th The Big Clowns 4.81lbs.
12th The Big Clowns 4.62lbs.
13th Bama Boys 4.59lbs.
14th Deadly Dudley 4.55lbs.
15th Bama Boys 4.49lbs.
16th Deadly Dudley 4.43lbs.
17th Bama Boys 4.34lbs.
18th Deadly Dudley 4.32lbs.
19th Deadly Dudley 4.30lbs.
20th Deadly Dudley 4.28lbs.
21st Gray Sky Outfitters 4.27lbs.
22nd Bama Boys 4.27lbs.
23rd Bama Boys 4.17lbs.
24th Hog Hunters 4.11lbs.
25th Deadly Dudley 4.05lbs.
26th Deadly Dudley 4.02lbs.
27th Bama Boys 4.02lbs.
28th Hog Hunters 3.93lbs.
29th Hog Hunters 3.91lbs.
30th The Big Clowns 3.90lbs.
31st The Big Clowns 3.74lbs.
32nd Deadly Dudley 3.71lbs.
33rd Deadly Dudley 3.71lbs.
34th Deadly Dudley 3.62lbs.
35th The Big Clowns 3.58lbs.
36th Deadly Dudley 3.54lbs.
37th RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 3.35lbs.
38th Westcott Family 3.27lbs.
39th Hog Hunters 3.23lbs.
40th Hog Hunters 3.16lbs.
41st The Big Clowns 3.12lbs.
42nd Phinns and Pheathers, “Black Clo... 2.89lbs.
43rd Gray Sky Outfitters 2.88lbs.
44th The Big Clowns 2.86lbs.
45th Hog Hunters 2.86lbs.
46th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.81lbs.
47th Phinns and Pheathers, “Black Clo... 2.81lbs.
48th Dockside Marine 2.74lbs.
49th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.73lbs.
50th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.71lbs.
51st Gray Sky Outfitters 2.71lbs.
52nd Phinns and Pheathers, “Black Clo... 2.71lbs.
53rd Hog Hunters 2.67lbs.
54th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.63lbs.
55th Phinns and Pheathers, “Black Clo... 2.61lbs.
56th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.60lbs.
57th Dockside Marine 2.60lbs.
58th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.58lbs.
59th Phinns and Pheathers, “Black Clo... 2.52lbs.
60th Hog Hunters 2.52lbs.
61st Hog Hunters 2.50lbs.
62nd Hog Hunters 2.48lbs.
63rd RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 2.44lbs.
64th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.44lbs.
65th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.42lbs.
66th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.38lbs.
67th Mike Christie 2.33lbs.
68th Gray Sky Outfitters 2.31lbs.
69th E-Rigging 2.30lbs.
70th Hog Hunters 2.29lbs.
71st Gray Sky Outfitters 2.27lbs.
72nd RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 2.22lbs.
73rd RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 1.87lbs.
74th RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 1.84lbs.
75th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.77lbs.
76th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.74lbs.
77th Saggin on 1.73lbs.
78th RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #2 1.72lbs.
79th RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #1 1.70lbs.
80th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.69lbs.
81st Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.64lbs.
82nd Tag It 1.62lbs.
83rd Tag It 1.60lbs.
84th Tag It 1.60lbs.
85th Tag It 1.58lbs.
86th The Big Clowns 1.57lbs.
87th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.56lbs.
88th Tag It 1.55lbs.
89th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.53lbs.
90th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.52lbs.
91st The Big Clowns 1.48lbs.
92nd RJ Hunting & Fishing Services #2 1.46lbs.
93rd Tag It 1.45lbs.
94th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.45lbs.
95th Tag It 1.43lbs.
96th Tag It 1.43lbs.
97th Tag It 1.41lbs.
98th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.39lbs.
99th Sasquatch Fishing Team 1.39lbs.
100th E-Rigging 1.39lbs.
101st E-Rigging 1.39lbs.
102nd The Big Clowns 1.33lbs.
103rd Tag It 1.32lbs.
104th The Big Clowns 1.22lbs.
105th Mike Christie 1.16lbs.
106th E-Rigging 1.13lbs.
107th Red River Outcasts 1.05lbs.
108th Red River Outcasts 1.02lbs.
109th E-Rigging 1.01lbs.
110th Keep It Reel 0.97lbs.
111th The Big Clowns 0.95lbs.
112th Keep It Reel 0.94lbs.
113th Keep It Reel 0.92lbs.
114th Red River Outcasts 0.88lbs.
115th The Big Clowns 0.88lbs.
116th Red River Outcasts 0.84lbs.
117th Red River Outcasts 0.83lbs.
118th The Big Clowns 0.78lbs.
119th The Big Clowns 0.76lbs.
120th Mike Christie 0.74lbs.
121st Tag It 0.73lbs.
122nd Mike Christie 0.73lbs.
123rd Mike Christie 0.66lbs.
124th Red River Outcasts 0.64lbs.