All displayed results are tentative until finalized by event staff.

Offshore Division

Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
1st The Outdoor Addicts 161.9lbs. 3
2nd Team Supreme 101.7lbs. 3
3rd Can't Get Right 89.7lbs. 3
4th Wasted Seamen 144.2lbs. 2
5th * Seacario 136.55lbs. 2
6th REEL TIME 85.2lbs. 2
7th Frozen Assets 35.78lbs. 2
8th SNAFU 9.8lbs. 2
9th Joey and them 62.9lbs. 1
10th A Little Lagniappe 60.5lbs. 1
11th Paradise Outfitters 4.75lbs. 1