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All displayed results are tentative until finalized by Faux Pas Rodeo event staff.

Lagniappe Division

Red Snapper 5 Stringer
Sponsored by RFRI
Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
1st Predator 100.8lbs. 5
2nd Fish Water 90.3lbs. 5
3rd Team Blue Tortuga 86.9lbs. 5
4th Saltwater Revival 86.75lbs. 5
5th Predator 84.3lbs. 5
6th Old Carr Dr Camp Crew 82.1lbs. 5
7th Salescall 74.05lbs. 5
8th X-Static Sportfishing 69.3lbs. 5
9th Maiden America 66.9lbs. 5
10th X-Static Sportfishing 64.1lbs. 5
11th Team Blue Tortuga 62.8lbs. 5
12th Saltwater Revival 53.65lbs. 4
13th The Arena 53.2lbs. 5
14th Peacekeeper 51.3lbs. 5
15th Old Carr Dr Camp Crew 29.5lbs. 2
16th Peacekeeper 26lbs. 4
17th Hooked Up II 19.8lbs. 1
18th Team Blue Tortuga 9.05lbs. 1