Faux Pas Rodeo 2020

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All displayed results are tentative until finalized by Faux Pas Rodeo 2020 event staff.

Lagniappe Division

Live Redfish 3 Stringer
Sponsored by Venice Marina
Place Team Total Weight Total Fish
1st Dockside Marine 24.83lbs. 3
2nd Scale Damage/Big Beaver and WC 24.02lbs. 3
3rd Team Black Dog 20.98lbs. 3
4th Call Ya Maw Baw 15.37lbs. 2
5th Red River Outcasts 15.29lbs. 3
6th RJ Hunting & Fishing Boat 1 13.61lbs. 2
7th Dockside Marine 13.52lbs. 2
8th Florida boyz 12.47lbs. 3
9th Team Gertrude 10.75lbs. 3
10th Peterbuilt 8.54lbs. 1
11th Florida boyz 6.47lbs. 3
12th Scale Damage/Big Beaver and WC 6.33lbs. 1
13th Team Gertrude 5.49lbs. 3
14th Red River Outcasts lbs. 1